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23-25th April, 2020 | Mumbai, India

EuroShop trade fair family: Enablers of successful retail trade fairs around the globe.

The EuroShop trade fair family has a unique portfolio of highly specialised retail trade fairs:

  • EuroShop
  • EuroCIS
  • C-star
  • In-store Asia

These top events in the industry offer optimum access to important markets of the future. EuroShop and EuroCIS have already been setting standards for decades in Düsseldorf when it comes to innovation and internationality. In-store Asia and C-star are door-openers for exhibitors, providing direct access to the emerging mega-markets in Asia.

All four trade fairs profit from Messe Düsseldorf – as an outstanding partner and organiser of numerous globally renowned No.1 special-focus trade fairs, with decades of experience, deep knowledge and understanding of the retail industry, with a finely-tuned feel for developments and trends in the global retail world, backed up by a worldwide network of foreign representatives.

Düsseldorf. Germany.
51° 13’ 39.868” N 6° 46’ 24.44” E

EuroShop: The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair.

EuroShop is the world’s largest trade fair for the retail industry and its partners. It is the source of information and inspiration for professionals and decision-makers on every conceivable aspect of retailing. It is the showcase for trends and innovations. A hot spot for sales and marketing experts seeking new ideas to spotlight and sell their company’s products and services even better.

EuroShop made its debut in 1966 – with 331 exhibitors and a space of 19,640 sqm. In 2017 this globally leading event surpassed itself yet again with its unique size and international character:

  • 2,368 exhibitors from 61 countries,
  • 113,906 visitors from 138 countries,
  • 127,598 sqm net exhibition space,
  • 18 exhibition halls.

Thanks to its intelligent structure, EuroShop adapts easily to the dynamic transformation of the retail world – with fascinating experience dimensions for exhibitors and trade visitors, mapping all the facets and channels of modern retailing:

  • Retail Marketing
  • Expo & Event Marketing
  • Retail Technology
  • Lighting
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • Food Service Equipment

EuroShop offers exhibitors and visitors All Dimensions of Success: endless scope for presentation of future-focused developments and innovative products for global retail.

Post Show Report EuroShop 2017
Next show: 16 - 20 Feb 2020 More information about EuroShop >>

EuroCIS: The leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology

1997 saw the launch of EuroCIS – then called the “Retail Technology Forum”. This congress and exhibition evolved in the following years to become the leading retail technology trade fair in Europe, taking place every three years as part of EuroShop and as an annual stand-alone event in the intervening years. An absolute must for the retail industry – and for technology specialists.

What makes EuroCIS so special – and successful – is that it is not a purely e-commerce trade fair. It is the only industry event covering the relevant interfaces between the bricksand- mortar and the digital worlds. That is a unique advantage because online and offline business are being integrated at an increasingly fast pace, especially in the sale of goods and services.

No other trade fair provides such a snapshot of what is happening in the fast-moving retail technology world. No other trade fair can map retail IT so extensively in all its different forms and functions.

Exhibitors, visitors, space – the three most important success indicators point permanently up at EuroCIS. EuroCIS 2018 presented

  • 470 exhibitors
  • from 29 countries
  • 13,400 m² net exhibition space
  • and around 12,000 trade visitors

eager to see the industry’s innovations. All showing the speed at which technology is becoming crucial to retail in so many ways. And evidence of the efficiency of EuroCIS as a business platform.

Technology never sleeps – no one knows that better than the exhibitors and visitors of EuroCIS.

Profile data EuroCIS 2019
Next show: 16 - 20 Feb 2020 More information about EuroCIS >>

C-star. Shanghai. China.
31° 13’ 49.498” N 121° 28’ 25.324” E

C-star: Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail.

C-star – Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends All about Retail concluded its fourth edition with excellent visitor number in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 28. This year, the fair attracted 12,979 visitors (2017: 8,476) from 44 countries and regions, which is a 53 percent increase from last year, once again demonstrating C-star’s commanding position as the most international and professional business platform in Asia’s retail industry.

After three successful days and numerous opportunities to explore the cutting-edge technologies, inspiring and new solutions in shop-fitting, lighting, retail technology and visual merchandising, the high-quality fair attracted visitors from renowned retail brands including Sephora, Louis Vuitton, C&A China, Watsons, Max Mara, Apple, Uniqlo, MINISO, Superdry etc converging for the 2018 show.

Fair profile C-star 2019

The exhibitors presented solutions and innovations in these categories:

  • Shopfitting & Shop Furnishing
  • Store Design & Visual Merchandising
  • Smart Retail Technology
  • Lighting
  • POP Marketing

The location chosen for C-star is the booming city of Shanghai on the southeast coast of China, in the strongest and most progressive business region in the country.

C-star: Made for China

Thanks to the positive transformation of industry in China, the “Made in China” brand has become something of a symbol for efficiency and quality, particularly in the ASEAN states. As the retail sector undergoes its own modernisation in this region, local architects and solution providers are searching for opportunities to collaborate with specialty suppliers so that they, too, can participate in the dynamic growth of local retailers on the “new” Chinese market.
The Chinese government is fostering this renewal and the transformation of bricks-and-mortar retail, and C-star offers valuable stimulus and inspiration to fuel the creation of this new retailing structure.

Next show: 02 - 04 September 2019 More information about C-star >>

In-store Asia. Mumbai. India.
19° 4’ 33.541” N 72° 52’ 39.561” E

In-store Asia: Indian subcontinent Largest Expo for Retail Experience Shopper Marketing

Innovation. Inspiration. Transformation. The In-store Asia, powered by EuroShop has plenty in store for exhibitors:

  • Access to one of the fastest-growing retail markets worldwide
  • Presence in one of the world’s biggest boom countries
  • Business contacts at the largest trade fair for this industry on the Subcontinent
  • Fair located in one of the most dynamic and modern Indian megacities: Mumbai

The highly knowledgeable audience with decision-making powers comes from the following segments:

  • Brand Marketers (FMCG, CDIT, Lifestyle & Apparel)
  • Advertising, Shopper Marketing, Media Agencies
  • Retailers (Organised, Independent, Traditional Retail)
  • Service Providers

The spectrum of suppliers presenting their retail solutions at the In-store Asia is broad:

  • Architects and retail design firms
  • Visual merchandisers
  • In-store branding specialists
  • POP manufacturers
  • Shopfitters
  • Material manufacturers
  • Suppliers of lighting solutions Suppliers of printing and graphics equipment and solutions

India is booming. Booming. Booming.

The Indian retail market is set to nearly double by 2020, from some 600 billion to more than one trillion US dollars. With a total growth of some 12%, the traditional retail segment can be expected to expand by 10% and modern retailing by about 20%.

  • The growth drivers are India’s megacities:
  • Spending on retail will more than double in the coming five years.
  • Investments will concentrate on modern retail formats, pushing their market share from 19% to 24%.
  • The space covered by bricks-and-mortar stores is growing by 400,000 sqm annually.

And everything goes to show that there will be a similarly breathtaking development in e-commerce:

  • Driven by robust investments and a rapid rise in the numbers of internet users, India will have the fastestgrowing e-commerce market of the coming years.
  • By 2020, e-commerce turnover is expected to reach 120 billion US dollars.

The next In-store Asia will be held in Mumbai from 23 to 25th April 2020

Next show: 14 - 16 March 2019 More information about In-store-Asia >>

We are at your side – at EuroShop, EuroCIS, C-star, In-store Asia.

No matter which trade fair you choose to exhibit at, you won‘t stand alone. Messe Düsseldorf puts all its concentrated expertise and full expert service at your disposal.

We are there whenever you need us. Right from the start, at all locations.

You can count on us. We advise and support every single exhibitor before, during and after the trade fairs –helping with arrival/departure, logistics, accommodation, etc.

The proven EuroShop structures and content ensure longterm exhibitor success, and not only in Düsseldorf at EuroShop and EuroCIS. Thanks to the expertise of Messe Düsseldorf and its subsidiaries and partners, all this is assured in Asia as well, at C-star and In-store Asia. Rely on our know-how. On our long years of international experience. On our Global Competence Retail.

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