3rd - 5th March, 2022

Hall 4, Bombay Exhibition Centre
Mumbai, India

About VM Challenge

About VM Challenge

March 3rd - 5th 2022

VM Challenge is the one-of-a-kind Window Display contest for the VM Community. Generally the biggest crowd puller and talk-of-the-town amongst the visual merchandising community of Indian Retail, the event takes place on the second day afternoon of the In-Store Asia event.

Only Conference delegate can take part in VM Challenge.


  • Top visual merchandisers compete under their respective Leaders. Leaders are pre-chosen by the In-Store Asia Committee, while the participants can register themselves.
  • The theme and brief are disclosed on the spot while designated window spaces, props, mannequins and other materials are provided.
  • Competed generally between 6 teams, 60 minutes are given for the entire execution.
  • Judging will be done by special Jury comprising of some of the experts in designs fraternity from India and abroad.
  • The 2019 edition chose a theme as interesting as “Saree in Workforce”. Titan’s Saree Venture Taneira was the merchandise sponsor, while HP Graphics was the other sponsor.


  • Only a registered Convention delegate of the In-Store Asia 2022 can take part in the VM Challenge 2022
  • Participant: Professionals practicing as visual merchandisers or retail designers in the capacity of consultants or employees of retailers or brands in India
  • Team Formation: 6 Teams comprising of 6 members each (1 Team Leader + 5 members).
  • Team members will be selected on First-come-first-get basis. Not more than 2 members of a team can be from the same company. However, this can be changed by the discretion of the management before the event.
  • Resources: The Window cage with lighting, all materials and implements will be supplied at the venue to each team by the organizers.
  • Design Brief: Will be given just before the event by the event anchor.
  • The Task: To conceptualize, plan and install a window display for the given brief in 60 Minutes
  • Judging: Will be done by a special Jury comprising of some of the experts in designs fraternity appointed by Managing Committee of In-Store Asia.
  • Fast Ideation and skillful execution are pre-requisites!

Note: The concept can be changed/ designed by managing committee.









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